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Custom Homes

Sand Dollar Customers will work closely with you to design the layout of your home to make sure it fits your needs and you get everything you want out of your new home. Our experienced builders can help you come up with great ideas and execute on them perfectly. We bring you along for every step of the process so you can see exactly what’s being done in real time. All of our work is done by “in-house” team members to ensure you get only the highest quality from people we trust.


Our typical renovations happen where we keep the primary structure in tact but change everything else to be give you an updated look and feel that you’ll absolutely love. What’s nice about renovations is there is minimal disruption to the occupants and you can live in the home while it’s under construction. Common areas for renovations include kitchens and bathrooms with new cabinets, floors and lighting. However if you have something else in your home that you’d like updated please just let us know and we’ll get to work on your new beautiful design.

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Home additions can be a great way to expand an already existing home without having to entirely re-do it. Additions can include a new room, outdoor spaces like decks and patios, new entry ways and more. Like renovations, you can continue to live in your home with minimal disruption to your daily lives. Our experts will create your addition to look like part of the original home with all the features and functions you want.


Sand Dollar Customs not only does larger scale projects, but smaller ones as well. Perhaps you only need a bathroom renovation. Whether it be a small ‘face-lift’ or a full renovation, Sand Dollar and our team can bring it to fruition. From your initial consultation appointment, through selecting your materials to completion, our concierge model lets us hold your hand every step of the way.

Making your Dream Home a Reality

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