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Whether you are bored with your current abode or just want to increase its value, the right renovation contractor can make every one of your rooms more functional, desirable, and improve your life for years to come. With the right team, innovative designs, high quality materials, and superior craftsmanship, your home renovation is sure to result in flawless finish.

A few luxury home upgrades can go a long way towards making your residence the dream home you have always wanted, and more marketable when it’s time to sell. At Sand Dollar Customs, we capture your renovation dream, by laying out every detail of the design phase to ensure you have a realistic view of your home’s potential.

Why renovate your home?

Cape Cod home renovation contractor Orleans Brewster Barnstable MAEveryone enjoys a little luxury in their home. You can do a major upgrade or just add a few features to lift its appeal. With a developed and refined vision in mind, a home renovation can easily offer you and your family a new way to experience your home while making the changes that suit your specific needs.

While the initial thought of a home renovation may seem a little overwhelming, this experience can provide a wonderful adventure that results in the home of your dreams. At Sand Dollar Customs, our in-house team of designers and contractors are experts at seeing the big picture, as well as the hundreds of tiny steps between concept and completion.

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably dream of one day completing that dream once-in-a-lifetime home renovation project. The kind that energizes your entire household, elevates your spirit, and dramatically changes how you live. As your family expands and your lifestyle changes, this could be the perfect option to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of your home.

Our luxury home remodeling services include:

kitchen remodeling

bathroom renovation

master suites

great rooms


Home is where family comes together, where shared memories are cherished, and where treasured moments are celebrated. Your home renovation project should reflect the inspiration and vision you truly desire. Sand Dollar Customs is dedicated to helping you create those special and sacred spaces. We invite you to experience the difference with a free consultation with a professional, highly experienced renovation contractor today!

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